Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Starting out

Crohn's disease. If you have it, then you are well aware of what accompanies it. Immunosuppressant, steroids, flares, and the randomness of it in general. Perhaps you have a family member that is living with it. Or maybe you've never heard of it. Crohn's disease is a member of the family of inflammatory bowel diseases and causes inflammation of the colon, and along with that a number of related symptoms.
One of the most "interesting" traits of this disease is how if effects everyone differently. With that in mind, I will do my best to keep general in my coverage, but truth withstanding; my only experience can be from my own life. The purpose of this blog is to act as an informer, supporter and friend to those who are "surviving" Crohn’s disease. Those who have Crohn’s, like myself, will tell you that at times, we can only hope to survive a flare.

However, life really is more than surviving and enduring a trial, it's about overcoming and making something of everyday.

While at times a very debilitating disease, there are many who go through each day having mastered their illness through medicines, procedures and treatment (medical or homeopathic in some cases). Optimism will be the tone of these posts, focusing on a life where Crohn’s does not hold one back but can act as a driving force.

The need for this blog as one who has Crohn’s, knowing that finding the latest information can be quite a challenge. There are no shortage of small websites or blogs that will tell you about one person’s experience however, as has been said before, the disease effects each person differently so having a broad smattering of news it what has been said to be the most helpful. A great deal of effort will be made to have each post and update accompanied by sources as well as links to more information about treatments, new clinics or things that would greatly improve the life of the Crohn’s patient.

This will be primarily information for people living in South Eastern Idaho, as that is where this author currently lives and the majority of my life with Crohn's has taken place. I will do my best to let everyone know about upcoming events related to Crohn’s, different centers to receive treatment and counsel, and what I have found in different resources about the latest medicines and treatments.

I would encourage those who read to add your own experiences, treatments that you have found effective, as well as anything that you’ve might see as beneficial to the general population with Crohn’s.

Special consideration will be given to those events close to southeast Idaho; however attention will be shown to all new advancements in Crohn’s disease.

I hope that this first post will be the beginning of a great resource for those who, like me, are striving to make their lives great in spite of their Crohn’s, not letting it make them prisoners.

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