Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New law benefits Crohn's patients

A new law passed in Conneticut would allow people with specific medical issues to be granted access to employee bathrooms in retail stores.

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The law, which passed in a large majority vote, allows patients the ability to use "employee only" restrooms at businesses.

Stipulations currently include that one would need to posess a written form from a doctor proving medical need. Additionaly, a buisness would not have to comply if there are less than 3 people on duty.

This stands as a great move for those with Crohn's and other IBD related issues.

Many retailers and convenience stores currently have restrooms which are access denied to the public.

Not all were in favor of the bill, with concerns relating to the potential liability that stores and business face with letting the public into private areas.

This law will greatly improve not only the ability of those suffering to find relief; but also help younger patients to avoid the embarassment of public denial of use of restroom and potential accidents, which can leave lasting effects on them. Many similar bills in other states have been spearheaded by young people who were denied access to a restroom during a flare and subsequently lead to public accidents.

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