Monday, July 20, 2009


He sits down the the ice cream parlor with his family, the little girl licking the twist cone, getting it all over her face. His wife lovingly asks if everything is alright
"Of course." he responds. But really he is wondering if this small ice cream cone will send his insides into a tail spin. He as he lifts the tiny sugar cone to his mouth he feels like a Kamikaze pilot. Such is life with Crohn's disease.

For those with the disease, it is diffuclt to know what is good and what is cause for a flare up.

With new diets and fads being released at all times, it is hard for someone with Crohn's Disease to know how to treat thier body when it comes to food. There is more advice out there than can seem humanly possible to follow. Below are listed websites that can help guide one though and find different diets that could possibly help to keep a number of Crohn's symptoms at bay

Through experience, the greatest advice would be to start a food diary. List what is eaten and when, including all ingredients then follow up with writing when symptoms and flare ups occur. When one can start to find links, try cutting items out of the diet and see if there is any marked improvement.

Said one Crohn's sufferer, "Taking responsiblity for my diet makes me feel in control of something that can often seem uncontrollable. I'm in charge of my body and I'm the expert."

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